Will you pay for content?


Barry Diller was on the Katie Couric show this week and he unequiviocally stated that people will pay for online content (Watch CBS News Videos Online‘ ). Now the reasoning behind this, in his paraphrased words, is that the main driver will be the plumbing or bandwidth capabilities. Now my limited understanding of Internet connectivity says that increased bandwidth would only make downloading and streaming content faster. How would that inspire people to finally cough up whatever amount it would cost to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory online, let alone buy music when they could download the torrent. At the same time Diller was adamant that the new generation of Internet users (meaning that we the current users, are archaic) would be willing to pay for online content. But in my view the “new users”, or Generation Y as they are referred to, are already used to a world where content is free or accessible with little cost. Would their children live in a world where mommy and daddy’s favorite Web site is now only accessible at a price?


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