Globalizing Production for the Future


Great article from Gamasutra about globalization in the game industry (more discussion in the comments).


One Response to “Globalizing Production for the Future”

  1. 1 Jagadish

    Readings and class discussions helped me understand how the organizational structure of creative industries includes both a few vertically integrated oligarchical firms as well as many small competing firms to produce diverse products. In order to make a transition towards a more flexible type of production large conglomerates in recent years re-organize themselves into smaller units , decentralizing or significantly flattening the existing hierarchies. Troy Dunniway hence states in the above article that such decentralization of company hierarchy, coupled with modeling individual careers on the basis of functional flexibility is the right way to go in order to implement an efficient production model.According me this is very much true for gaming industries in general, where the concept of 9 to 5 jobs is a thing of the past.

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