More than a matter of medium


In an article touting the coming convergence of TV and web, the WSJ focuses primarily on the slow evolution of technological capabilities, and it is accurate to say that the slow uptake of web enabled TVs is primarily due to unavailability.

But, as noted in the previous post, convergence is not JUST a merging of devices or technological capabilities, it is also a matter of formatting content to appear in a different form. Linear stories make less sense told in the interlocking reference system of hypertext; books use quotations and citations, but don’t link you directly to THAT passage in THAT book.

In the midst of a web 2.0 transition, many internet content providers are finding that plain old, 20th century text filled pages don’t get the attention they probably deserve. Mostly because the web isn’t the appropriate platform for text-heavy information…and neither is TV. Much of the uptake in web enabled TVs is going to rely on the content that appears there. Throw in some moving pictures, and you’re likely to have a vastly more desirable product/device combo.

When this DOES happen, however, I can’t think of a better argument for universal broadband…because really, who’s going to pay to connect their TV?!

[Is this speech the foundation for that future?]

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